Research Interest

My main research interest is to use bioinformatic and molecular biology to answer exciting evolutionary questions. In this sense, I’ve been open to work with multiple organisms and topics.

Currently, in my Postdoc project at University of Brussels, I have a FNRS research fellowship to study queen determination in Melipona bees (Genomic, epigenomic and transcriptomic determination of queens in Melipona bees). In this project, I am revisiting Dr. Kerr's hypothesis of a two loci genetic determination system in Melipona bees through the use of OMIC data. In parallel, I’m involved in the following studies:

  • [start 2019] Ant adaptation to Hot and Arid Areas - Unity of Evolutionary Biology and Ecology (ULB)
  • [start 2019] Beyond kin selection: molecular mechanisms keeping multiple queens in a bee colony - LGEA (USP)
  • [start 2018] Unravelling gene conversion genome-wide patterns through deep sequencing and extended pedigree analyses - GIGA (Uliege)
  • [start 2018] Genes involved in the evolution of parasitic behaviour in bees - LGEA (USP)
  • [start 2012] Expression of Genes Involved in Social Behaviour of Bees with Different Levels of Eusociality - LGEA (USP) ; Wurm's lab (QMUL)
  • Advising

    MSc. Paulo Cseri Ricardo

    [2018-current] PhD student from University of São Paulo. I co-advisor Paulo is his PhD project, where he searches for genes related to parasitic behaviour in bees through transcriptomic analyses.

    Larissa Logullo Piconi

    [2015-2018] I have advised Larissa during her bachelor in biology. She looked for general patterns of gene expression in bee nurses and now she inspires others being a Biology teacher <3.



    Poster Panel

    CSHL (2021)

    SMRT Leiden (2019)

    ESA (2018)

    ICE (2016)

    ESA (2015)